Heavenly Tablets in Jubilees

I’ve set up this website to make use of digital capabilities to conduct and present research on the Heavenly Tablets in the book of Jubilees. To begin with, I’m gathering results of work I’ve done on this topic over the past decade, mostly unpublished. Ideally, I’d love to see this become a space of collaborative exploration and to contribute to the creation of new modes of discourse and publication.

Step 1 of this project:  click here

  • Listing the references to Heavenly Tablets in Jubilees by chapter and verse, linked to a google doc dedicated to the passage
  • Identifying each reference as pertaining to either (1) a Law or (2) a Record of good or evil human(s)

Step 2: Hebrew Bible

  • Recording a posited source for each entry in the Hebrew Bible, generally: Pentateuch for Laws and non-Pentateuch for Records
  • correlating the Heavenly Tablets Laws with Pentateuchal laws tagged as חקת עולם
  • correlating the Heavenly Tablets Laws with Pentateuchal laws punished by כרת

Step 3: Damascus Document

Step 4: Serekh haYahad

BIBLIOGRAPHY: click here

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