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Heavenly Tablets in Jubilees

I’ve set up this website to make use of digital capabilities to conduct and present research on the Heavenly Tablets in the book of Jubilees. To begin with, I’m gathering results of work I’ve done on this topic over the past decade, mostly unpublished. Ideally, I’d love to see this become a space of collaborative… Continue reading Heavenly Tablets in Jubilees

1. List of references to Heavenly Tablets in Jubilees

Note: Click on an underlined reference to open associated Google Doc (&in progress) LAWS *L-1. Jub 3:8-14    Postpartum  impurity *L-2. Jub 3:30-31 Covering nakedness (“in the tablets”; not explicitly “heavenly tablets”) *L-3. Jub 4:5  Cursed is one who strikes fellow maliciously; silent witness. &Should this be tagged as two laws, one explicit and one implied… Continue reading 1. List of references to Heavenly Tablets in Jubilees